Please read the document below from the Yard Marshall as it contains important information for Members regarding the use of the Club yard and equipment.

OK I know you're all bored with this sort of "stuff", but as a Member you do have responsibilities to abide by Club Rules and Regulations.

Currently I suppose about a dozen "Grey Wrinklies" do about 90% of the work in the Yard, the extinction of this years Yard Clear-up for example (actually I wrinkled out of that one!!) so please do your bit, especially on the rubbish side. On that side Allen Heavens has provided a stand of marked waste bins just outside the Beer Cellar so please use them.

You all groan at Cruiser meetings and the AGM when the Yard Marshall starts his bi-annual speech about rubbish, outboards and punts so preempt him to shorten his speech and allow you all to get the the Bar quicker!! It might, or not, make his day, but it will quench your thirst.

Thank you in anticipation,


TSC Yard Services