Those Members who have been to the Club recently will see that the Galley update has been completed. A Commercial Dishwasher, Range Cooker, Commercial Fridge, new units, worktops and lighting have been installed.

The general consensus seems to be positive. From personal experience of using the dishwasher on the Allo Allo and Christmas Dinner evenings, when I personally probably washed 80% plus of the dishes, the dishwasher will remove the drudgery of Galley Duty. It will take 20 large plates and wash them in 2 minutes and when removed from the machine and placed on the worktop they are dry within 1 minute. The glasswasher in the Bar performs in a similiar manner, taking 18 pint glasses. How cool is that??

I personally feel that our thanks should go to Shane for all his hard work and patience during the updates.

Below are images of the new galley for information