The Vice Commodore has requested that Members on Start Boat duty take a little time and care in writing up the results in the book in the Clubhouse.

It would be much appreciated if Duty Officers could take the time and effort to sort the results into the final finishing position ie 1st to last so that mistakes are not made collating results.

Thank you in anticipation!


2019 Early Bird Series - Awaiting final results.

Spring Series - 1st Mew Gull  Neal Ricketts, 2nd Kithros II Bill Ricketts, 3rd Aeolus Neil Oxenbury & Nick Brady

East of Exe Race - Fast Fleet - Red Fox Colin Leach, Middle Fleet - Rebecca Godfrey Whitehouse, Slow Fleet - Chapter Four Jerry Row

NBB Evening Series - Final Results

September Plate - 1st Moben  2nd Mew Gull   3rd Kithros 2