2017 Cruiser Entry Form Word Format - use to fill in online and email return

2017 Cruiser Entry Form PDF Format - use to print off and return by hand

2017 Spring/September Plate Series SI's - PDF Format

2017 Early Bird and NBB Evening Series SI's - PDF Format

Please note!!!

      The steel perch (Nr 43, or 2nd Perch for those of us long in the tooth!) has been removed and replaced with a starboard hand buoy. The concrete mooring weight for the buoy stands proud of the mud bank, and is about twice as far from the start boat moorings as the old perch base. The SIs show the new buoy as the Inner Distance Mark with the exclusion zone as previously described for the perch. We’ll see how this works, and change or omit it if required after a few races if the bigger gap facilitates problem causers!

     In the Spring Series races, we are reverting to using Nr 25 buoy as the downriver turning mark.