Richard Ridout from Whimsical reminds us that we can
get plenty of enjoyment at sea when the wind dies!!!

We arrived at the club at 08.30 prompt for the Sidmouth race only to find no one else wanting to play. Should we go home when we had crew AND pasties!?  The weather was so glorious, last summer was sent to make us appreciate when we do have such good weather. Swans were parading their cygnets with pride, fish were jumping. Colin was busy putting an overdose of sun cream on his nose ( not going to get caught out again after last Sunday ) as we proceeded down the river.

As many of you will know I like to give my crew a challenge as soon as we get out there. My stopper knot on my bucket failed and we were into MOB practice before we got past Trout's! Surprising how heavy a full bucket can be and how long it takes to turn a cruiser round in a relatively narrow channel. Explained to our new crew (fourth time out on the water) how a storm jib would be useful recovering an unconscious MOB. 

Made good speed down the river with the help of the tide and suspicions confirmed, no one else on start line. Did a little spinnaker practice though there was hardly enough wind to fill it!

With there being no race we proceeded to Budleigh where two of us braved the water.  Plenty to see, young lads in canoes, pretty girls trying their hand at water skiing. Pasties were good and ice cubes in a flask worked well for G & Ts!  Sarah expertly manoeuvred Whimsical back onto her mooring with minimal water and we returned home to witness Andy Murray achieve his ambition. 

Richard Ridout

  Sarah Galliford from Whimsical after braving the sea of Budleigh