For the coming season an online duty management system called Dutyman is being used for the Bar, Galley and Start Boat duties. All members with email addresses should have received an email from Godfrey Whitehouse regarding use of the system. Members can access the system via a smartphone, tablet or computer and accept their duties or arrange swaps with other members. The system sends confirmation and reminder emails and keeps a readily accessible rota up to date.

A printed copy of the Rota will still be kept on the Galley door, but it will not be up to date !!


Dutyman is available at  where you will be prompted to login using your name and password supplied in your original email. If you have any difficulties logging in please contact Godfrey at   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Godfrey will, I'm sure, appreciate any feedback, positive or negative, on the use of Dutyman so please send him your comments. Please remember that if you don't add your thoughts you have no reason to complain!!

Please note that the Rotas below are the originals and have NOT been, nor WILL be, updated. For up to date information on the Rotas you will need to visit the Dutyman system, link above.

Non Race Night Summer Bar Rota 2018

Start Boat, Galley and Bar Rota 2018