Membership at Topsham Sailing Club is open to everyone.  Application forms can be requested from the Hon Membership Secretary.  Once you have completed the application form you will need to wait until the next committee meeting when applications are considered.  The committee meets every month except August.  All members are eligible to apply for summer and/or winter storage although because of limited space in the club yard preference is given to those people that use their boats regularly, especially in support of club events (racing or cruising).

For further details please email the club membership secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Due to a number of anonymous requests for information, we regret that we will only be able to respond to those that include full name, postal address, telephone number and details of any sailing experience.  Potential members are always welcome to come along to the sailing club to meet the Membership Secretary on race nights. 


Fees and charges ( For information only - please check with the Membership Secretary for the latest rates)

 Membership Fees    
   Entry Fee   £85.00
   Full Membership  £50.00
   Spouse  £20.00
   Cadet(Under 18 or in full time education)  £20.00
   Cadet (under 7)  £0.00
 Winter Storage and Slippage    
   A slipway fee at the rate of £1.15 per ft length each way.  £1.30/ft each way

 A storage fee based on length x beam (rounded up to next half ft) at the rate of:
(including punts and inflatables remaining on the yard after 25th December) 

 £0.85/Sq ft
   If the north wall is used then the rate per foot is:


 Summer Storage    
   Charges for sailing dinghies is based on their length in feet   £2.40/ft
   Punts and inflatables stored in racks  £18.00 each
   Outboards (stored on a rack outside)  £14.00 each 
   Yawls / Ribs etc annual launch / recovery fee  £16.00 each

 Slipway fee (other than for winter charges and Yawls) - Club Members only and by agreement with Yard Marshall - Boats 16ft and under

Boats 16 ft and over


£18.00 each way

£25.00 each way

   Club Ties  £12.00
   Club Burgees  £17.50
   Cap Badges  £4.00
   Gate Keys  £4.00
   Brooch/Pin  £2.50
   Summer visitors bringing dinghies by road (Includes Temp membership)  £20.00 / week

 Summer visitors using one of the clubs moorings
(Both subject to availability)

 £5.00 / night