Dear Dinghy Sailors,

Only one dinghy sailor has indicated that he intends to take part in the Mini-series. Obviously this doesn't make the event viable.

I was looking for ways of reviving interest in dinghy sailing at TSC, which had declined last season, and thought a short series like this might help. It seems I was barking up the wrong tree (can't think of a nautical equivalent).

Would a day of general dinghy sailing with safety boat cover throughout the time either side of high tide be a preferable alternative?

It could be scheduled for 25th or 27th as a replacement for the Mini-series. High water Exmouth is 1113 2.8m on the 25th and 1201 2.7m on the 27th. The tide will be very slack so ideal conditions for learning.

We have just bought a second Pico dinghy for the club and this would be an opportunity for any member and family to take out a club boat, or their own dinghy knowing there is a safety boat on hand. If you don't fancy a sail you could try your hand with TopC, the Club motor launch, not a greyhound I'll admit, but great for chugging about and exploring, very safe too. TopC is available for the free use of Club Members and can be booked out using the book kept just inside the Clubhouse door.

What about you paddleboarders and kayakers? Make it a fun day for all??

Debbie and Kate, our Social Secretaries, have been planning on a bring your own BBQ on the chosen day. If the weathers good TSC is a wonderful place to spend a few hours on and around the water. The Bar will be open with it's selection of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. Even if you don't want to go on the water just come along and take in the view and join in the BBQ.

Your thoughts please to  -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

It is always difficult second-guessing what others would like, so offer your opinion, turn up and get value for your subs!!

Chris Dinghy Fleet Capt.