Beer sponsored by

                Otter Brewery                                Hanlons Brewery


Draught Orchard Pig Cider  and Carlsberg Lager


Cocktails by Ted the King of Cocktails.

Music on the night provided by Barefoot Bandit.

The Barefoot Bandit are a highly energetic new wave reggae/dub band based in Devon UK. Their sound mixes catchy melodies and exciting rhythms with a combination of modern roots reggae with deep dark dub, as well as exploring psychedelic influences. Building a strong and loyal fan base over the last couple of years, TBB have played countless shows up and down the country including numerous festivals such as headline performances on small stages at Glastonbury Festival and Love Summer. The 4 piece have also made appearances at numerous UK festivals such as BoomTown Fair, KAYA Festival, Skamouth and Jurassic Fields to name a few, plus main stage appearances at One Love Festival, Glass Butter Beach, Wonderfields and Reggae Garden. The Band are rapidly developing a deserved reputation for their dynamic live show, guaranteeing a dance floor full of satisfied skankers. Whatever they are!!

So what is Skank??

Skank in the context of Reggae is:

1. A rhythmic dance performed to reggae or ska music (popular music originating in Jamaica in the 1960s, having elements of rhythm and blues, jazz, and calypso, a fast tempo, and a strong accent placed on the offbeat) characterized by bending forward, raising the knees, and extending the hands.

2. To dance with violent, jerky movements, rhythmically bending forward and raising the knees, usu. to reggae music.

Barefoot Bandit come highly recommended so it should be a great night of entertainment so come along and enjoy it.

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