Due to the changes to the Bar and Galley I have provided some short notes for members on the use of the new equipment.


The updates to the Bar are now almost complete in readiness for the upcoming season. There are a few minor items to be completed, but the Bar is essentially ready to go.

There are several new features that members should be aware of, all of which should make life easier.

There is a glass washer installed in the bar under the rear shelf which will wash 18 pint glasses in 2 minutes. The washer should be turned on about 20 minutes before it is required to allow it to heat the water. Instructions on it's use are kept in the bar. It is simplicity itself to operate, but members must remember to shut it down as per instructions at the end of the evening. There are no “tablets” to put into the washer as it is connected to one 5 litre carton of washing liquid and one of rinse aid. A point to bear in mind is that part filled crates can be washed so it is easy to keep up with the glass washing.

Set into the rear shelf is a shallow sink that the glass washer crates fit into. This allows for any slops left in glasses to be poured away when the glass is inverted into the crate in preparation for washing. When crates are removed from the washer at the end of the washing cycle they should be placed on a tea-cloth on top of the rear shelf. This will allow them to dry before replacing them on the shelves.

Under the rear shelf is the Bottle cooler which is stocked with cooled drinks. Please re-stock the cooler at the end of your duty.

All the shelving has been cleaned and varnished and when the Bar is completely finished the glasses will be placed on the shelves in distinct groups, ie Pint sleevers, Pint pots, Cider sleevers etc to make selection simple. It is hoped members on Bar duty will replace glasses in the correct location.

TSC Galley

Updates to the Galley are now complete and members who haven't visited the Club recently will be able to see the for themselves.

The following new features are available for use:

A Range cooker with two standard ovens and an Induction hob – if you're not sure if your pans will work check with a magnet, if it sticks to the bottom then they should be OK. The ovens take four lidded dishes at the Club. For larger dishes use the existing Turbo oven.

A 600mm Commercial Fridge that will take four of the Clubs aluminium trays with the lids.

A Commercial Dishwasher that will take up to twenty large plates per wash, washes in two minutes and the plates dry within a minute or so. Instructions on use are in the Galley.

A 500mm Domestic Fridge, with a small freezer compartment for ice for the Bar. The old Freezer is located in the Green Shed and can be used to store frozen items prior to use. Please don't use it as a “dumping ground” for excess or unwanted items, other members will probably need the space for their items.

Regarding the Dishwasher, it is simplicity itself and there are instructions in the Galley for it's use. The power switch is situated on the wall by the window. There is a simple panel on the front of the washer with On/Off, Pump, One Minute and Two Minute cycle buttons. There are two “pegged” crates for plates and bowls and a plain crate for cups etc. The two cutlery boxes fit into two corners of the yellow crate. Like the glass washer the dishwasher is connected to washing liquid and rinse aid bottles so no tablets are required.

The washer is not a waste disposal unit so plates should be scraped off into the bin provided before placing in the crates. It is easily possible to wash, dry (items dry themselves in the crates when removed from the washer) and put away up to sixty plates in fifteen minutes.

I have found from experience using the washer on busy Club evenings over the winter, that it pays to be organised. By using the left hand drainer for the “dirty crate” and the right hand drainer for the “clean crate” a simple in and out system is workable. You could well find that you are unable to keep up with the washer!! Again, like the glass washer, there is no need to wait for a full crate before washing. On Race nights dishes tend to return in dribs and drabs but now you can easily keep up and wash as they arrive. You can mix up dishes in the crates.

I hope that those of you on Galley and Bar duties find the new equipment helpful and reduces the work involved. Please remember that there is currently nothing in any of the Club rules/regulations that state you have to use the dishwasher or glass washer.