Stop Press – Committee Approves Major Change to Bar and Galley Rota

 At the meeting on 12th February, the Committee agreed to introduce an online duty management system called Dutyman which was designed for use by sailing clubs and is used successfully at Exe SC and at Starcross YC. See for further information. In essence, it consists of a list of members together with phone and email addresses and a schedule of dates which need people. The rota organiser can either populate the schedule or offer members the opportunity to choose their own duty dates.

 Members can access the system via a smartphone or a computer. Dutyman makes it much easier for members to swap duties, decline duties or volunteer for duties and keeps an accessible rota up to date. It will send email reminders to members as their duty approaches. The system has been thoroughly tested by the committee who were pleased at how easy it was to use.

 The first thing that you will see is a welcome email from Dutyman with a unique password, inviting you to log on, have a look at the system and check that your personal details are correct. You should save the email or save the link in the email as a favourite. The next email will let you know the duty dates which have been allocated to you. You will then receive a couple of email reminders as your duty date approaches.

Members without email addresses will continue to receive duty notifications in the post but will not get reminders and will be unable to make use of the duty swapping features of Dutyman. There will still be a printed rota on the galley door.

When the emails arrive from Dutyman, please do log on and have a look at it. It has a Frequently Asked Questions section and comprehensive setting up manuals. Godfrey Whitehouse (email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) is the rota organiser and would be pleased to answer any questions about the system.

A quote from a case study on the Dutyman website: John Nash, Commodore of Dell Quay SC, describes DutyMan as “brilliant– I can’t praise it enough. It's a perfect system for a sailing club, enabling it to handle duties with minimum effort and the greatest degree of accuracy.”