As part of the update works to the Galley the doorway into the Bar area was moved to allow the fitting of a 600mm worktop under the window to accommodate the dishwasher. Necessarily the partition between the Galley and the Bar was also removed. Shane had offered to include any remedial works in the Bar in the original quote for the Galley so I took an executive decision to make some changes to the decor within the Bar area.

The shelves on the back wall were set across cork tiles, which were black with mould and the optics fixed to the shelves past their best. The majority of glasses stored on the shelves were rarely used and the shelves were difficult to clean. Changes to shelving needed to be made due to the inclusion of a glasswasher within the Bar area.

Moving the doorway allowed a wider shelf to be installed along the back wall at a higher height than the original to allow the till to be fitted underneath as before. I discussed the options for wall cladding with Shane and decided, as there was not a lot of choice, on the same cladding as in the Galley. A mirror with the TSC logo has been fixed to the back wall. A rotating 6 bottle optic has been fitted on the area of the extended door frame and the plan was to install 2 wine glass hanging racks on the back wall. Some new shelving for glasses has been fitted in the space vacated by the lager/cider cooler, but I decided that it would be sensible to leave the reorganisation of the "working" parts of the Bar until the glasswasher had been used several times. I was also due to be away on holiday over the Christmas/New Year period so would deal with the matter on my return. After all the Bar had worked well on both the Allo Allo and Christmas dinner evenings and there wasn't much on the calendar until February, by which time I would be back.

Following the January committee meeting any further work on The Bar has been stopped pending my return!

I have added some photos of the Bar following the renovations to allow Members to see what it now looks like. At the end of the day it all comes down to personal preference, but I do feel that all Members should have the opportunity to view the updates and have a say, if they so desire.

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