Many thanks to the sixty two loyal Club Members who braved awful weather to attend the Quiz Evening. An excellent time was had by all and the total raised on the day, both Coffee Morning and Quiz was almost £1000. The RNLI shop took an additional £250 at the Coffee Morning.

Thanks again to Chris Scanes for another excellent quiz, a puzzling music questionaire and another "whats the highest" final question.

The winners of the Quiz were the "Movers and Shakers" so congratulations to them.

The winner of the "Lets raise even more money for the RNLI" question at the end of the quiz was the Bar Manager whose lucky guess was closer than any of the others!!

The superb picture below, taken by a professional photographer, shows the "Movers and Shakers" celebrating their win.

Why they're wearing Southern Comfort hats I do not know, probably a job lot from somewhere!! Ted in the Red was very instrumental in their success and is open to offers from Teams for next years quiz!!